Q: How do I rent a property?
A: Contact the property manager for the property you are interested in. This information is located in the description of each property. Click on the property you wish to rent and you will find this information. Each property should have owner/manager contact info, rental rates by season and LOTS of pictures of each rental unit.
Q: Will we actually see dolphin swimming?
A: Yes, you probably will! Our beaches have many dolphin, which are best seen early morning, playing in the surf! You may also see pelicans, seagulls, rays, and many schools of fish (bluefish, Spanish mackerel, and many others) depending on the time of year. Depending on the time of year, you may see sea turtles or even manatee. If you do happen to see any baby turtles on the beach, remember to never touch them or interrupt their attempts to get to the water. Turtles actually nest on our beaches in the summer, but NEVER touch a turtle nest – this is s federal offense.
Q: What if we want to stay longer than a week? Are multi-week stays discounted? Is the rental process the same?
A: Each owner sets their own pricing. Some owners offer multi-week stays. Discounts depend on length of stay and the time of year. Multi-week stays during peak season are typically not discounted, as we experience full occupancy during peak seasons. However, stays in excess of 2 weeks during non-peak seasons may allow pricing that is less that normal weekly rates. Call the owner to discuss specifics.
Q: Can I check in early? Can I check out later than the check-out time?
A: Each owner/manager is often asked this question, and we understand the desire. When you’re on vacation, you want it to start as soon as possible and last as long as possible. However, we ask that you appreciate our position. Each of our guests deserves the same high-quality treatment expected of us. And the cleanliness of a property is a critical component of making guests happy. It takes time to clean a beach property following a guest’s departure. The list of cleaning responsibilities is long and time-consuming. Please understand that we need the time between guests to thoroughly clean and perform routine maintenance. It is for this reason that neither early arrivals nor late departures can be allowed without prior written consent from the property’s owner/manager.
Q: What are the rental rates for each property?
A: This information is located in the description of each property. Click on the brochure for the property you wish to rent and you will find this information.
Q: Do I have to fill out and sign the Vacation Rental Agreement? Is it necessary?
A: Each owner/manager has different rental leases and procedures. But in each case, they are designed so that both you and subsequent guests will not be subject to the less responsible actions of any previous guest. Because of this, you will be required to provide some personal information in order to rent. The information required is no different than what is required to check into any reputable hotel. But if not provided, the rental process cannot proceed.
Q: Are there any age requirements to rent?
A: Yes, you must be 25 years old to rent at 7 Palms. This requirement is non-negotiable. Many condominium rules mandate this age limit, and all owners/managers abide by these rules. We do verify ages both before and during the rental, and anyone found in violation will be subject to immediate termination and forfeiture of all Security Deposit and potentially, additional charges.
Q: Who do I call with questions about the lease?
A: For any questions you may have regarding the Vacation Rental Agreement, please call the owner/manager. This information is located in the description of each property. Click on the property you wish to rent and you will find this information.
Q: Why a Security Deposit? Is this amount applied to the rent?
A: This amount is a Security Deposit, not a Rental Deposit, so it does not apply to the rent, it is in addition to the rent. Once your rental is completed, cleaning crews will clean and inventory the unit (and take digital photos, if necessary) and provide us with feedback. Provided no damage is reported and cleaning does not take an unusually long time, Florida law requires your Security Deposit to be returned within 30 days of the departure date.
Q: Do you take payment online?
A: The payment policies of each owner/manager vary. This information is located in the description of each property. Click on the property you wish to rent and you will find this information.
Q: If we want to go bike riding, can we rent bikes?
A: Yes, there are several vendors that will deliver bikes (and safety helmets, flashing reflectors, kiddie seats, strollers, and more … even a bicycle-built-for-two!) to the unit on the day of your arrival and pick them up the day you leave. Very convenient. Most units have bike vendor info on refrigerator magnets for you to get vendors’ phone numbers.
Q: How is the snorkeling?
A: Great! Most times of year, the water is quite clear. You’ll see fish, sand dollars, and the occasional starfish, and more. Plus the surf is usually so calm, the swimming is warm and relaxing. Bring your rafts and Floaties! You can buy or rent masks, snorkels and fins in many places here at the beach.
Q: Can I go surf-fishing at the beach?
A: Sure! And the fishing is great! Depending on the time of year, you can catch Pompano, Redfish, Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish, Bonito, Bluefish, Whiting, Jacks and many more! Many have luck surf fishing on the bottom with shrimp or cut squid, but we’ve had more luck casting spoons in the surf. You can find fishing tackle and bait at most tackle shops, WalMart or at BassPro. There are also many fishing charters that allow you to go fishing offshore or in the bay or fish from the nearby fishing pier.
Q: Why a sales tax?
A: We are required by law to collect a Bed Tax for both the State of Florida and a Walton County Tax for every rental. The tax must even be collected on the Cleaning Fee! County Taxes can and do change, often with little notice, at each Walton County's discretion. This requirement is governed by both state and county laws.
Q: What if I want only a 3 day stay, say Friday through Sunday?
A: During Spring and Summer months, this typically does not work. 7 Palms is typically fully booked with Saturday-to-Saturday reservations throughout Spring Break and the Summer. A weekend rental effectively block out 2 weeklong rentals. Obviously, a 3-day stay that blocks out two 7-day rentals makes little business sense, and we ask that you understand our situation. Outside Spring Break and the Summer, please call and ask, especially if it is within 2 weeks of your desired rental dates.
Q: How do I get the keys?
A: After receipt of the full rental payment, owners/managers either 1) send you a sets of keys or 2) provide you the code to the key lockbox.
Q: I’ve never rented by using the Web. Should I be concerned about a scam?
A: Unfortunately, Web “scams” do occur, so it is prudent to be safe and ask questions. We respect your concern. We encourage you to ask any and all questions of each owner/manager to be sure you are comfortable with your rental. All 7 Palms owner/managers have their leases in writing and provide written receipts for all payments. We understand your concern about dealing on the web and encourage you to be aware of scams, including any Craigslist.org rental scams where someone may purport to own a property and want to trick you out of your money. One telltale sign of a scam is when you cannot get a phone number or real email address for the owner/manager (Craigslist email addresses are encrypted) or if they ask you to pay by bank wire or Western Union. If you suspect any improper activity, call one of the other 7 Palms owner/managers. We all know each other well and can help you identify any scam.
Q: I have found other winter rentals that are lower priced, why should I pay more for yours?
A: This is an excellent question. We realize that we do not rent for the lowest rates - but remember, "buyer beware" - you may get a wonderful place for such a low price (it does happen), or you may get a poorly maintained dump (this too happens, unfortunately).

Keep in mind that we are located in the middle of a mile-wide private beach with no public access. We are nestled in the amongst dozens of multi-million dollar homes. No loud boomboxes, no college spring break craziness, no stepping past dozens of beach towels to get to the water and no interruptions to your relaxation. If you are looking for a loud, crazy, partyfest – don’t come here as you’ll be disappointed. But if privacy, solitude, sunsets, fishing, family cookouts and nature are more your goal – call us now!! Our private beach (NO crowds – even in mid-summer!!) alone is worth any difference in price. But we also think we have the perfect, family friendly location and environment for a fun, safe, family vacation where lifelong memories can be made and treasured. So don’t forget to bring your camera!!

We realize our methods and pricing may not be for everyone. That's OK. But we do want to express that we understand that you have choices, and we respect those choices. Please make whatever choice you feel is best for you (no one could expect any less). If you choose to become our guest, great! If not, we hope that whatever you choose, you have a safe, fun and memorable vacation. Our beaches are wonderful treasures and some of your favorite memories will be made here.
If you have any other questions, please contact the owner/manager of the property you are interested in.